The sheer simplicity and clarity of the ArthaKranti proposal enables us to have an equally clear view of the path to its implementation. It is obvious that:
This proposal can only be implemented by the Central government (It does not need any Constitutional amendment)?

It can be passed as a Finance Bill, as per established practice, by a majority of Members of Parliament of both houses and finally approved by the Hon. President of India. This understanding helps us in clearly seeing the challenges ahead. "The Artha Kranti Economic Reform Bill"

So how do we, the citizens, get our parliamentary representative to take this up? This is the most commonly asked question. The challenge can be cracked with a two-pronged strategy.

  1. Vertical thrust
    An ‘upward’ effort which involves reaching out to politicians, business leaders, people’s representatives, bureaucrats, economic / policy experts and all such influential people or institutions with the sole objective of ‘sharing’ – ‘educating’.

    We have started acting in this direction and made presentations in front of some MPs (and influential & respected people) by now and we are getting good reception and response, may be because hardly few people go to them with solutions. However we are not finished on this way, we all need to ensure that our respective MP is aware of the proposal, its importance.

  2. Horizontal spread
    When MPs and experts become aware of this, still why will they take it up? When a product is to be sold, what is necessary is demand for the same. Similarly for Arthakranti proposal – many people should demand it. Its need is very evident from so many of social and economic issues around and there are hardly any concrete, time-bound, assuring and hopeful answers, like the one Arthakranti provides.

We can raise the demand in various ways as:

  • A nation-wide mass awareness campaign run in at least all major languages, using tools such as books, CDs, films, website, internet and so on.
  • A nation-wide advertising campaign run professionally, harnessing TV and all other powerful media to generate awareness about our problems and the solutions.
  • By spreading the message to as many people as possible, by conveying them the subject and its importance and also conveying what they can do about it.
  • Sending your respective MP the Citizen’s charter of demands [32.5 KB]. This simple one page document will convey the citizen’s needs to the political class in the most legal, peaceful and lucid manner. All one has to do is to sign it and send it or hand it over to the local MP.
  • Even if 1% of people raise their demand, the representatives cannot disregard it.

So the sure-fire way to generate public pressure is to shower our political leaders with the 'Citizen’s charter of demands [32.5 KB]'. – which emphasizes our needs. The vertical thrust will educate them about the solution (ArthaKranti).